Criminal activity in Mulbarton

There seem to be an increase in Dog poisoning followed by house burglaries reported to the Community Forum in the Mulbarton area. Criminals appear to be active between 02:00am – 05:00am when they commit these heartless crimes. We urge residents to be vigilant and observant and to investigate why their dogs are barking. Some of our patrol teams are now patrolling during the early hours of the morning. Bearing in mind that our patrollers are full time employed and have to work the next day. These volunteers are motivated, dedicated and committed in ensuring the safety of the community.


  • Hythe Avenue, Mulbarton
  • Roxy Road, Mulbarton
  • The Broads, Mulbarton
  • True North Road, Mulbarton
  • Harling Road, Mulbarton ( 3 incidents)
  • Rodene Ave, Glenvista
  • Allen Road, Glenvista

We currently have 15 patrollers that patrol Monday – Friday and sacrifice between 2-3 hours a week. The Forum is continuously looking for more residents to join and participate in this initiative.

Criminal Activity Alert – Dog Poisoning

Dear Residents,

We have received another report of a dog posioning incident. For the month of may we have had 3 incidents in Harling Road, 1 incident in Hythe Ave and the latest in The Broads.

Criminals are tainting meat products such as sausages or Vienna’s with a pesticide called aldicarb also known as 2 Step and are using this method to silence your pets in order to gain access into your property.

Dogs kept out doors are usually your 1st line of security, so when your dog is barking it means that there is someone nearby. Therefore we urge residents to be vigilant and observant and to investigate why their dogs are making a noise.

More details can be found here