Community Policing Forums

What is Community Policing?

Community Policing is a policy and strategy aimed at achieving more effective crime control, reduce fears of crime, improved quality of life, improved police service and police legitimacy, through a proactive reliance on community resources that seeks to change crime causing conditions. It allows the police and the community to work closely together to solve problems and fear of crime, physical and social disorder and neighbourhood decay. In short: Community Policing is a partnership between the police and the Community to solve safety problems.

What are the objectives of Community Policing?

By establishing a partnership between the police and the communities they serve to ensure effective protection of communities and a better quality of life.

Ensuring that the police address the primary needs of the community and are accountable to them.

Enhancing the quality of information available to the police resulting in the development of a proactive and problem-solving approach to crime and violence.

Providing communities with a visible, accessible policing presence to enhance public confidence in the police and to deter criminals.

Aligning the values of the police organization with those of a democratic South Africa, aiming at producing police officers who can interact sensitively with their communities and in a manner that respects local norms and values.

What is a Community Policing Forum?

A Community Policing Forum (CPF) means a forum established in terms of section 19(1) of the SAPS Act 68 of 1995. A CPF is a group of people from different communities and police representatives who meet to discuss safety problems in their communities. A CPF also aims at ensuring police accountability, transparency and effectiveness in the community.

Why must I join my local CPF?

Communities are comprised of many different people each with his or her own skills, views and innovative ideas that can make a huge difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of the SA Police Service and the manner social crime prevention is approached in a specific area. Word-of-mouth is an effective tool in spreading a message and informed CPF members can empower their communities to have a say in their own safety and eradicate crime and criminals from their area. Each one of us wants to live and work without fear of being robbed, raped or attacked. By joining my local CPF I strengthen the human network against evil forces and ensure that I, my family, my neighbours and my community has peace of mind and a safe and secure environment to thrive and prosper in.